Monday, November 20, 2006

...either they're putting something in the water, or they need to: It's official, the country is insane.

The front page for Nov. 20, 2006
...either they're putting something in the water, or they need to.

It's official, the country is insane. It wasn't that long ago that police sold themselves to the public as Peace Officers. Religion used to stay where it belonged, in church. Public school children used to get picked up every morning by big yellow school buses and the only time you'd see a cop in a classroom was if he was someone's Dad on Show and Tell day. Government used to be a group of people who worked for the public's best interests and strictly regulated business and law enforcement to ensure our nation was a safe and sane place to live. All of our national energy and money went into keeping America strong and ensuring a better life for future generations.

Now, the police are paramilitary swat teams with black masks, machine guns and no sense of humor. Religion is demanding that government become an arm of the Church. School buses are gone and kids are on ritalin and prozac and taking dozens of required vaccinations that are known to be deathly dangerous. School shootings have turned campuses into low security prisons with children being searched and watched everywhere, even in the bathroom stalls. And the government has turned into a rich boy's club intent on selling the public interest to foreign elites and making back room deals to achieve global governance and privatize the whole world. Our food is toxic, our air is poisoned, and our water is tainted with chemicals and radiation. People can't afford higher education or health care and when catastrophe hits, the government no longer steps up to help.

We have a twit pro-torture president who shrugs off the Geneva Conventions and a creepy vice president who wants a hundred year war. Elections are fixed, bio-engineered microscopic bugs are making people sick, and corruption is raging in High Office and small business alike. If this isn't full blown insanity, I don't know what is. Well maybe wearing your underwear on your head and gobbling like a turkey while using your hula hoop in the driveway would qualify, but I'm talking about the big picture here.

To prove my point, each of the featured articles this week has utterly surreal elements that are enough to put you off food for a few days, but one of them is not true. It should stick out like a sore thumb but it's no more insane than anything else in the papers these days. See if you can figure out which one is pure fiction. In the mean time, I'm going to go find my old hula hoop, just in time for Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, the gang wants to wish YOU a wonderful Thanksgiving, in spite of everything else sucking, and we hope you have a truly enjoyable holiday. If you're all alone that day, grab your choners and meet us out in our driveway if not in person, then in spirit. We'd love to have you.
Cue the Hawaii 5 - O theme music Tink, it's party time!


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